• Customer Top Tasks

    Find out what matters most to your customers.

    • Identify the top tasks of your customers.
    • Identify tiny tasks–the ones that are getting in the way.
    • Tried and trusted approach. Used by Cisco, NetApp, Microsoft, Google Search.
    Identify Customer Top Tasks
  • Customer Experience

    Measure customer experience on your website or app.

    • Measure success rates and completion times for your customers’ top tasks.
    • Create a continuous improvement model.
    • Manage with facts, not opinion.
    Task Performance Indicator
  • Customer Pain Points

    Survey that pinpoints what annoys your customers most.

    • Only takes one minute for customers to complete.
    • Get a clear improvement roadmap that is based on fact, not opinion.
    • Know where to focus your scarce resources for maximum impact.
    Customer Centric Index

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  • Top Tasks Workshop, Chicago, Aug 29
    Top Tasks Workshop, Brighton, Nov 2

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