• Customer Top Tasks

    Find out what matters most to your customers.

    • Identify the top tasks of your customers.
    • Identify tiny tasks–the ones that are getting in the way.
    • Tried and trusted approach. Used by Cisco, NetApp, Microsoft, Google Search.
    Identify Customer Top Tasks
  • Customer Experience

    Measure customer experience on your website or app.

    • Measure success rates and completion times for your customers’ top tasks.
    • Create a continuous improvement model.
    • Manage with facts, not opinion.
    Task Performance Indicator
  • Customer Pain Points

    Survey that pinpoints what annoys your customers most.

    • Only takes one minute for customers to complete.
    • Get a clear improvement roadmap that is based on fact, not opinion.
    • Know where to focus your scarce resources for maximum impact.
    Customer Centric Index

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  • Customer Obsession Masterclass, Stockholm, May 29
    Customer Obsession Masterclass, Oslo, May 30
    Customer Obsession Masterclass, Utrecht, June 13
    Customer Obsession Masterclass, Brussels, June 14
    Top Tasks Masterclass, Dublin, June 19
    Top Tasks Workshop, Chicago, Aug 29

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