Netlife ResearchNetlife Research

“The Customer Carewords process is an important and integral part of strategy and design work at Netlife Research. The methodology helps us and our clients to focus on what is most important, and to realize impressive and user friendly solutions based on customer needs.”
Martin Vikesland, CEO, Netlife

Netlife Research is a user-experience consultancy based in Oslo, Norway. We are dedicated to creating user-friendly solutions that our clients and their customers love. Founded in 2000, we have more than 10 years of experience in the field of web usability, user experience, human-computer interaction and graphic design. More


Neo Insight logoNeo Insight, Inc.

Neo Insight, Inc. has been providing Customer Carewords services since 2007. As User Experience (UX) specialists, the company provides usability evaluation and design services for clients in public and private sectors. More


Webbrådgivaren logoWebbrådgivaren

Webbrådgivaren is our Swedish partner, a company focusing on web and intranet strategy. Webbrådgivaren works with a wide range of organizations: government, multinationals, media companies, small and medium-sized enterprises. Through owner Fredrik Wackå, Webbrådgivaren is active in several of Customer Carewords’ international projects. More


SabelSabel Communicatie

Sabel Communicatie is the top of mind communications agency in the Netherlands. We advise our customers on communications, perform top task and other online research, provide interaction and graphical design, and develop relevant content. Also, we monitor our clients’ online enterprise as well as provide site management and editorial services to continuously optimise their results. More


Internet ArchitectsInternet Architects

Internet Architects is a Belgian User Experience (UX) agency. They help organisations in developing the best possible digital channels, products and services.

Internet Architects has more than 10 years of experience and a team of +30 members of staff with expertise in the field of ‘user experience’. They have an impressive list of references in a range of industries, such as government and public services, finance, telecom and media, retail and e-commerce and the care sector. More


User VisionUser Vision

User Vision is a user experience and CX consultancy founded in 2000. From our HQ in Edinburgh and offices in London and Dubai we offer the full range of user-centred design and service design activities for clients in eGovernment, financial services, Telecoms, eCommerce, and travel / tourism. We work with a wide range of clients in the UK and globally including Emirates Airline, Scottish Government, Salesforce and DHL.

We have collaborated with the Customer Carewords network on projects for the Law Society for Scotland, Emirates Airline and the Scottish Government and coordinated Gerry McGovern’s Masterclasses in Canada in 2017. More


Bob JohnsonBob Johnson

Bob is president of Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC. Working primarily with colleges and universities, his specialties include creating web content that engages visitors, competitive website reviews, and interactive communication strategies for advancement and enrollment. More


Brian LambBrian Lamb

Brian has worked with Gerry McGovern for 14 years leading projects with CISCO, European Union, Boots PLC, Atlas Copco, Rolls Royce, BBC, HSBC, Department Food & Rural Affairs (UK). More


Guy StratermansGuy Stratermans

As a specialist in web analytics, conversion optimization and customer relationship management, Guy helps large organizations with becoming more customer centric. He is the founder of Digital Optimizers, a company which focuses on optimizing the owned media channels of its clients. More