Brian Lamb

Brian Lamb

Brian has worked with Gerry McGovern for 14 years leading projects with CISCO, European Union, Boots PLC, Atlas Copco, Rolls Royce, BBC, HSBC, Department Food & Rural Affairs (UK).

Customer Carewords Projects include:

  • At Cisco managed a number of Task Performance Indicator projects measuring the usability of top tasks in various areas of the Cisco web site. 
  • At the European Union carried out Task Performance testing on three top task areas of the European Union website. 
  • At Boots PLC delivered a new intranet information architecture for technical implementation. The architecture was based on the identification of top tasks and online testing with employees.
  • At Atlas Copco led the global project to identify top tasks for the new Atlas Copco digital workplace programme. In a series of follow on projects worked to develop an internal guide to management of their new intranet.
  • HSBC intranet – managed intranet improvement project developing business case for site enhancements and changes in site architecture.
  • BBC intranet – led projects to identify top tasks of employees and led the subsequent project to develop the “Find People” function on the BBC intranet.

Brian is currently advisor to internal communications at the Board of Governors of Federal Reserve Board (US) on the development and management of their digital workplace.

Other Relevant Experience

Brian is co-founder of the UK’s only independent conference for intranet professionals – Intranet Now. Brian has been a speaker at Intranet conferences in Denmark (IntraTeam) and Sweden (Intranatverk).

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