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Sabel Communicatie is the top of mind communications agency in the Netherlands. We advise our customers on communications, perform top task and other online research, provide interaction and graphical design, and develop relevant content. Also, we monitor our clients’ online enterprise as well as provide site management and editorial services to continuously optimise their results.

We work passionately for most Dutch government departments (Ministries of Defense, Education, Culture & Science, Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also we work for the Dutch Revenue Agency and Rijkswaterstaat the agency that is responsible for the design, construction, management and maintenance of the main infrastructure facilities in the Netherlands).

We have conducted top tasks surveys for the largest Dutch hospitals (UMC Utrecht and Erasmus MC). National and international financial corporations (Equens, ABN Amro) are our clients, and large international corporations like Liberty Global (UPC) and Wolters Kluwer. Last but not least, we work for the Dutch Railways in a long-term partnership.

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