Ideas and Analysis

  • Intranet in a Box

    Intranet in a Box
    Brace yourself for this message: You are not unique. Your intranet could, even should, share its basic framework with other organizations.
    Yes there are different organizational cultures, different traditions and customs. And certainly, a local government intranet serves different needs than the intranet of a global tech company.

  • Strategy and Online

    Strategy and Online
    We’re all online. And we’re spending more and more of our time there. Online is everywhere and is impacting practically everything we do; from how we interact with friends, to how we buy things, to how we deal with our health and taxes.

  • Marketing to the 90%

    Marketing to the 90%
    There is money to be made in fooling people because we are all foolish at least some of the time. Examples abound. “Free” still works and smiling faces have a powerful pull (at least offline). In the 2013 German election campaign for Angela Merkel, for example, there were lots of pictures of smiling, happy average Germans. She won easily.

  • Web Self-Service Management Principles and Business Case

    Web Self-Service Management Principles and Business Case
    “Oh, we have a self-service section on our website,” some say. No you don’t. Your entire website is self-service. Your apps are self-service. Most of your digital ecosystem is self-service. “But isn’t self-service just about doing a transaction?” No. If someone is looking up a policy on the intranet, that’s self-service. If someone is trying to figure how to install a product on your website, that’s self-service.