Privacy Policy

This statement deals with situations where information is collected on people, either through the Customer Carewords website or as a result of people using an email subscription process. Examples of situations in which such collection of information will occur include:

  • Subscription to the New Thinking newsletter

The following points should be noted in relation to the collection of such information:

  • No information will be collected on anyone by Customer Carewords without their express permission.
  • The general reason information is collected on someone is to facilitate the delivery of a subscription service. This information will be used for the express purpose for which it was collected.
  • There is one exception here. Customer Carewords reserves to right to occasionally (no more than 4 times per year) send messages to the subscribers promoting products and/or services offered by Customer Carewords.
  • However, no information collected by Customer Carewords will be sold or rented to third parties for the purpose of sending commercial messages (spam) to any subscriber.
  • In the event that Customer Carewords decides to sell or otherwise dispose of its New Thinking newsletter, subscribers will be informed and will be given ample opportunity to unsubscribe.
  • Customer Carewords commits to selling or otherwise disposing only to such parties as will commit to continue to publish the newsletter and discussion forum with a largely unaltered publication scope.
  • Personal information collected is limited to email addresses. The website does not use cookies.