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What is the Long Neck and why should you care?

5% of your website delivers at least 25% of its value. That's your Long Neck. The Long Neck is where the business case of your websites lies. It is the small set of top tasks that your customers really come to your website for. It is the essence of your value, the essential core of your offer.

Amazingly, we have found that most organizations don't know what's in their Long Neck. That seriously undermines their ability to deliver value with their websites. We help you identify and better manage your Long Neck.

In a Customer Carewords poll of over 1,000 people in 12 countries, participants were asked to choose the tasks they most wanted to complete on a tourism website. 147 possible tasks were offered, such as: planning a trip, vacation packages, getting here and around, accommodation, special offers, things to do and see, etc.

The top 7 carewords, representing 5 percent of the total tasks, got 35 percent of the vote. (The top 2 carewords, with 18 percent of the vote, were "accommodation" and "special offers".) In fact, the top 7 carewords, astonishingly, got more votes than the bottom 120. This tourism Long Neck represents the essence of what a tourism website must do if it is to achieve success. Do you know what's in your Long Neck?

Every time we carry out a Customer Carewords implementation we always get a Long Neck. The following are graphs from Customer Carewords testing:
  • What staff of a large organization wanted from its intranet.
  • What specialist doctors wanted from their association website.
  • What technical experts wanted from their intranet.

Intranet of a large organization

What specialist doctors wanted from their association

What technical experts wanted from their intranet

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