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“We have used Top Tasks for over 10 years, and the philosophy and set of methods have been vital to our clients’ digital success. The beauty of Top Tasks is that the whole team gets first-hand knowledge about the customers’ needs through prioritized tasks and not the usual vague and misleading hypotheses about what the customer wants.”. Jostein Magnussen, Co-Founder Netlife Design, Norway. More


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“From working with clients in government, industry, and higher education for many years, we’ve found the Top Tasks framework to be a powerful tool that helps managers grow their organization’s empathy for customers, backed up by hard-nosed metrics of customers’ needs and behaviors.” Mike Atyeo, Co-Founder, Neo Insight. More


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“For over a decade, Top Tasks has been my working method to help clients in Sweden with websites, intranets, and extranets. If I were to summarize Top Tasks with one word, that word would be ‘simplicity.’ For a group of people that are important to you, you get a list of the most important things you need to help them do. That’s basically it. Sure, we all dig into the specifics, we elaborate, sketch and come to conclusions. But at the end of the day—it’s a list. And a list is easy to understand. Everyone can relate to it, and even if it sometimes sparks almost existential discussions, it has a better chance of actually affecting decisions than complicated maps or long reports. A thorough process leading to a simple and actionable result: that is, in essence, Top Tasks management.” Fredrik Wackå, Founder, Webbrådgivaren Sverige AB. More


Internet ArchitectsInternet Architects


“Organizations will have to be truly customer obsessed to survive. By using Top Tasks, we help our clients to see what really matters the most. With a fact-driven and inclusive approach, Top Tasks management delivers the necessary tools to navigate clearly in this transformative age. It is always amazing to experience how the Top Task process brings people together and gives them the excitement to focus on what is important. And the excitement only increases once the improved business results are coming in.” David De Block, Managing Partner & Strategist, Internet Architects. More


User VisionUser Vision


“The logic underpinning Top Tasks management is simple: Get clear evidence of what the priority tasks are for your users, design for achieving those, and measure and improve iteratively. This simplicity is powerful enough to win over the internal agendas, distractions, and barriers that can make a website, intranet, or software far less effective for users and the organization. We’ve had the pleasure of shining the light of Top Tasks logic onto some complex organizations, and the benefit has been significant and greatly appreciated by our clients.” Chris Rourke, Founder, User Vision. More


Bob JohnsonBob Johnson

Bob is president of Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC. Working primarily with colleges and universities, his specialties include creating web content that engages visitors, competitive website reviews, and interactive communication strategies for advancement and enrollment. More


Brian LambBrian Lamb

Brian has worked with Gerry McGovern for 15 years leading top tasks projects with Toyota, CISCO, European Union, Boots PLC, Atlas Copco, Rolls Royce, BBC, HSBC, Department Food & Rural Affairs (UK) and Health Service Executive Ireland. More


Guy StratermansGuy Stratermans

As a specialist in web analytics, conversion optimization and customer relationship management, Guy helps large organizations with becoming more customer centric. He is the founder of Digital Optimizers, a company which focuses on optimizing the owned media channels of its clients. More