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Neo Insight, Inc. has been providing Customer Carewords services since 2007. As User Experience (UX) specialists, the company provides usability evaluation and design services for clients in public and private sectors.

Neo Insight’s services enhance the User Experience by improving usability, focusing web strategy on top user tasks, and directing design, development and technology to serve those needs. The consultancy has also coordinated Gerry McGovern’s Masterclasses in Canada since 2007.

The company’s Insighter e-newsletter covers topics and techniques to help manage the User Experience. You can follow Neo Insight on Twitter at

Our Customer Carewords team includes:

Mike AtyeoMike Atyeo

Mike Atyeo is co-founder of Neo Insight, Inc. Mike has worked with usability since 1986, applying his skills and experience to the evaluation, specification and design of web, computing and telecommunications products and services. He has conducted usability research in the U.K., Canada and the U.S.. He has managed dozens of workshops, hundreds of usability tests, and design research sessions and presentations with customers at all management levels.  More

Scott SmithScott Smith

Scott Smith is co-founder of Neo Insight, and has 25 years of managing the design and strategic planning of customer experiences for Neo Insight and Nortel in the U.S. and Canada. Scott’s Customer Carewords experience includes leading a project for the Canadian Army, and conducted research for the City of Ottawa and University of Manitoba. He is the point of contact for Customer Centric Index trials in North America. His projects frequently include task analysis, remote usability testing, structured interviews, and design evaluations. More

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