Mike Atyeo

Mike AtyeoMike Atyeo is co-founder of Neo Insight Inc., a Canadian usability evaluation and design consultancy serving both public and private sector clients. The company focuses on enhancing the customer experience by improving usability and matching the potential of new technology to business and users’ needs.

Mike has worked with usability since 1986, applying his skills and experience to the evaluation, specification and design of Web, computing and telecommunications products and services. These range from consumer telephones, fax machines and telecoms services, to large retail and financial systems, government and commercial websites and services, database applications and interactive Web applications.

He has conducted usability research in the U.K., Canada and the U.S.. He has managed dozens of workshops, hundreds of usability tests, and design research sessions and presentations with customers at all management levels.

Mike helps establish and plan Neo Insight’s strategic business direction, and has sales and marketing roles, as well as carrying out high-value analysis, training and design consultancy with clients. He has a particular interest in task-based design for the Web and in task metrics and task performance benchmarking. He is known for his creativity, skills and experience in user-centred research and strategic design.

Mike has also made frequent contributions to the Human-Computer Interaction community, including being Chair of the Ottawa Chapter of SIGCHI (the ACM Special Interest Group in Computer-Human Interaction). He has chaired sessions at a number of international conferences and given many presentations to technical and strategic groups. At a national level, Mr. Atyeo presented on behalf of British Telecom in the U.K. government’s ‘Usability Now!’ program.

Mike has a BA (Honours) degree in Psychology from the University of London (U.K.) and a Masters in Computer Science from Imperial College, London (U.K.). Prior to co-founding Neo Insight, Mike worked as a software engineer and manager in retail & financial systems and telecommunications industries, for companies such as NCR, British Telecom, and Nortel Networks.

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