Scott Smith

Scott SmithScott Smith is co-founder of Neo Insight Inc., a Canadian usability evaluation and design consultancy serving both public and private sector. The company focuses on enhancing the customer experience by improving usability, demonstrating the future value proposition, and unleashing the potential from technology to serve those needs.

Scott has 24 years of experience in usability, product management, product design, market analysis, and competitive strategy for Neo Insight and Nortel, across the U.S. and Canada. Prior to that, he spent six years of sales and marketing experience with a U.S. telecommunications distributor. He has held a variety of management positions in client interface, product management, product design, research, strategic planning, market analysis, and vision development.

Scott’s interests include how people adopt technology, how competitors behave, how business models form, how market strategy and innovation take shape, and how research can best observe all these behaviours.

His research interests include remote usability testing, group process and workshop design, structured interviews, and design evaluations. He has interfaced with software development teams in large-scale solutions such as content management and ISDN, as well as in fast-paced solutions such as identity management and web services.

He has conducted usability research in many North American cities. He has managed dozens of workshops, user testing events, and design-research interviews, launched data terminal portfolios and ISDN services, and presented to thousands of customers at all management levels. He has designed new competitive intelligence techniques, written strategic plans, managed user-centred design, and established trend-monitoring forums.

He has two patents and three pending, in the areas of video consultation, collaborative network planning, multi-service user interface, and personalization. His research was published in 1998 in Nortel’s corporate magazine. His B.A. honours degree is in Business, Economics, and Philosophy, and his post-graduate work was in Business Administration, at the University of Minnesota School of Management.

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