Webbrådgivaren logoWebbrådgivaren is a Swedish consultancy that provides full support towards a task-based approach to websites, intranets and extranets in all types of organizations.

Webbrådgivaren works with a wide range of organizations (government, multinationals, media companies, small and medium-sized enterprises); and is active in several international Customer Carewords projects.

Companies based in Sweden or Denmark are more than welcome to contact Fredrik Wackå for a discussion about all of Customer Carewords’ methods.

Fredrik WackåFredrik Wackå

Fredrik Wackå is the owner of Webbrådgivaren, and has worked in the web and intranet strategy area since the mid 1990s. He is a highly-respected speaker and author of the Web Editors Handbook (Swedish only).

Based on strategic decisions, he is also engaged in projects involving publishing models, writing and editing, web functionality, information architecture, web analytics, search optimization, and so on.

With increasing parts of today’s most valuable content being user-created, especially on intranets, social media is also an essential part of what Fredrik does. Fredrik has helped organizations find value in collaborative, social environments – and the tasks people use them for.

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