The Woodland Trust is the UK’s largest woodland conservation organization with 500,000 members and supporters and more than 1,000 woodland sites, covering over 26,000 hectares, all over the UK. A well functioning modern website was already in place but the organisation wanted to go further and make the website a fundamental part of realising its strategic goals of increasing membership and donations. More

Cisco logoAt Cisco, we’ve wholeheartedly adopted the “top task management” approach in most of what we do for web and mobile. It has made a tremendous difference in everything from our support experiences to how we support navigation across our sites for tasks related to buying, product evaluation, consumption, and more. More

GoogleTop Tasks Management is a quick, useful method that has proven itself once and again for stakeholders in Google Search. The pattern that emerges every single time is nothing but powerful and amazing.

Tomer Sharon, Google Search

IBMWe used this system successfully for three software divisions at IBM. As you may imagine, each was a complex business with 100s of products and 1000s of opinions of “What people want.” This survey was a great leveler. We gathered over 500 randomized responses per software division (with geographical spread) and quickly determined the top tasks from a list of about 90. More

NetappI rely heavily on this methodology for my organization’s website. What surprised me about this was how easy it is to convey to the employees and content creators. Other methods that help to improve the overall site experience for our audience require a lot of explaining. As soon as someone sees this, they know immediately how to improve their content, how it should be positioned on the web, and even what no to do or ask for.
Zann Aeck, Director, Digital Experience, NetApp

We had the privilege of working with Customer Carewords at the OECD, an evidence-based international organisation known mostly for its comparable statistics. We did the Customer Satisfaction Index, Top Task Identification, Task Performance Indicator, and the Search Performance Indicator. Without the evidence we collected from our external audiences, we would never have been able to get a real grasp of their needs, nor convince our internal stakeholders (e.g. policy analysts, statisticians, communications staff) to let go of their organisational egos and opinions.
Cynthia Coutu, Head of Internet Unit, OECD

We at the Business Wales online team manage and maintain the web site – communicating practical information to general and specialist business audiences. We’re also responsible for a range of social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, with more to be launched soon), and an e-newsletter. More

In a project to develop a new online solution for all Norwegian hospitals, we used the Top Tasks approach. The results from top task survey were unambiguous. We discovered the most important questions our users needed us to answer was: “What happens before, during and after treatment.”

Norwegian-cancer-societyAs a result of focusing on people’s top tasks (what people really need) and helping them to do what they needed to do as quickly and easily as possible, the Norwegian Cancer Society has seen a:

  • 70% increase in one-time donations
  • 88% increase in monthly donors registered
  • 164% increase in members registered
  • 348% increase in incoming links
  • 80% increase in visitors

Norwegian Cancer Society case study
Webinar presentation (WMV: 25 MB: 50 minutes)